What Is SEO?

You might have come across a term over a span of last five years, called SEO. And you might have wondered what the heck this SEO actually is. Most probably, you came across this term on some social networking site or in a random advertisement on some other web page while looking for a reputable SEO company. This article focuses upon explaining the very basics of SEO.


SEO stands for Search engine Optimization.


SEO is a complete science in the world of digital marketing. We can explain its essence in a very simple way. Suppose, you are launching a new perfume brand. You want masses to buy your product, right? But how do you get them to know that YOU have a perfume brand of your own along with millions of other perfume brands? Very simple. You advertise. But your approach to advertisement is all that matters May be you have invested a lot but your product is still not appearing in top links displayed by Google when people search “Best perfumes”. This is where Search engine optimization comes into play.

Defining SEO:

An attempt to get your product web page amongst the top links can be called as SEO. Continuing with our perfume brand example, SEO can lead to your website appearing on first page when people search for best perfumes.

Essence of SEO:

Now your mind must be asking l sorts of questions like how do you do it, what do you do to get your page amongst the top links displayed on first Google page, are you good enough to do SEO all by yourself. Hold on to your horses, we are going to touch all these questions briefly.

Imagine a situation where you are sitting in friends and one brand is under discussion. You like that brand, so you repeatedly talk about it, using different adjectives every time. Hence, by doing so, you create a cloud of good will about a certain brand. Doing SEO is no different. You write about your product in a way that convinces a customer that there is no other better perfume available than yours in the market.

Of course it is all very basic and simple stuff that we are discussing. There are many levels of understanding the fundamentals of SEO such as content marketing for example. Search engine optimization is rapidly becoming an almost essential phenomenon to survive in the world of web. Digital marketing heavily relies upon SEO, in fact, the fate of many mega projects solely depend upon how much optimization was done for them. Since everyone is not an efficient SEO expert, professional Search engine optimizers stand out in a crowd. They are the warriors which make a website appear on the first page in Google search engine. They get paid heavily as well. Content based SEO is the toughest of all the nuts to be cracked in the digital world. Now that you understand the basics though, are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let us know in the comments!