Science fiction movies have always been the interest of many movie makers to give the very best and to capture the imagination of their audience so that they can get them to the edge of their seats. Most of the time no expense is spared in order to give the very best to the audience. Time and again it has always been striking the right balance between developing a good story-line and also giving a really amazing viewer experience to their audience thus by doing this they have brought the  new technologies and shooting techniques into the world of film industry, and they have even developed new software in the process of making new films. Here are some of the new film that has defined the industry of science fiction category of movie making.



Annihilation is the movie that is done as a follow up to the Ex machine movie. This movie it revolves around the story of a couple a biologists and a secret mission agent when he returns from a quarantined area where there is a mysterious bubble-like structure growing in the Sothern United States. The story is about how the mysterious bubble takes control of their minds and begins to control them as they are trying to study the bizarre structure. This is one of the best ever science fiction movies done this year it has had amazing viewership, and it has also has had an amazing box office run this is surely a must watch a movie for all.

Black Panther.

Black Panther is one of the best movie ever that was made by the Marvel comics , though the Marvel movies always do really well in the box office due to the amazing graphics that are found in it, this movie does not only have an amazing graphics work which is very exceptional but also has an amazing story-line.  These are some of the things that make this movie the best of all the movies in this list.

Incredibles 2.

Incredibles 2 is a Pixar 3d animated movie that has been making a lot of waves in the world of science fiction movies. The live animation techniques that are used to achieve the exact precision of the characters has got it an amazing box office record. There are many reasons that can add up to having an amazing box office record but one of the major factors is that it has an amazing story-line, and they know how to good sequel, and they have had an undeniable success in the field. Also this movie is one of the few animated kids film that is loved by everyone and is watched by everyone with the same interest.

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