We are living in a very futuristic world today, and even the governments have started to adopt these alternatives these alternatives are often cheaper than the alternative that is chosen usually by the government, hence it will be wise of us to adapt to the changing time with the help of technology and make our lives easier, there has been an upheaval with a lot of smart products, first this started off with smartphones then it moved to the watches and then smart security systems then it made its mark in bring to the market the idea of smart power saving homes this created a huge buzz and is still creating a huge buzz in the market today as this is going on one side of the spectrum , there are companies that have come up with the smart home appliances and one among these appliances is the robotic vacuum cleaners . To get more of the review of the cleaning bots go through Best 10 product reviews to know more about the product.

Here are few vacuum cleaners that will really be of help to you.

Ecovacs Deebot M88.

This is a very tiny robot that does the job of cleaning the home and making it pristine clean just the way you like it. This bot has received a huge positive ratings and comment form its users and is considered to be one of the best vacuum bots, it has received positive rating both in on the carpet performance and also has a good rating on the bare floor performance, and these bots can clean your home at any time that you want, this bot has a cliff sensor that allows it to identify any steep edges and not move away from them and it comes at a very cheaper price.

Effy 11S

This is another floor cleaning bot that can come at a very lower price than compared to any other cleaning bots that are available in the market, this has an amazing rating and also has  very critical acclaim form all its users , it, not just the ratings it proves with its amazing skill it has brittles like brush structure that allows it clean the floor really clean and this also has another that makes it the best  floor cleaning bot ‘it operates very quietly and this also has a cliff sensor thus making it a very versatile cleaning bot that can be used.

Irobot Roomba e5.

The company of iromba has been building vacuums since the early 2000sthus giving them the advantage over the others as they completely know of how a vacuum works and how best to meet the purpose of cleaning the house in the best possible way, this is bot is one of their top models and this does a marvelous job in getting the house to very pristine condition keeping it speck and span, the best point of this bot is that it is controlled by an app.


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